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Clutter smothers. Simplicity breathes.

January heralds new fitness plans, new aspirations and lots of “new me’s”.

During this time of frantic make-overs, it’s important to remember the value of keeping things simple, and clutter-free.

We thought we’d commemorate this by listing our top 3 examples of advertising that feature a creative use of simple messaging.

1. Lego

Playfullness, nostalgia, inspiration- however Lego makes you feel, the ads reflect the possibilities with the product in a simple and clutter-free style.

Lego advertising poster

2. McDonalds

Uncomplicated delivery of their messaging makes McDonalds a close second place. Easy to understand, humorous and direct.

Mc Donald advertising poster

3. Guinness

Their ad’s are always clean, simple and suggestive. The use of black has become a trademark Guinness ad.

Guinness advertising poster

What’s in your top three?