Katswhiskers matchbox creative

The first six weeks

Let me introduce myself: my name’s Kim, I’m from France, and I’m doing a copywriting internship at Katswhiskers. I’m 6 weeks in now.

I’ve been studying in London since September, doing a master’s year in Creative Thinking (it’s a fancy way to say ‘English copywriting’ in the French education system). I’ve spent 5 months learning the theory of advertising, and now it’s time to get my hands dirty! I’ve honestly learned more about advertising copywriting within these past 6 weeks than I have during the 5 months of school!

My first weeks here have been a whole new experience and I am developing my writing skills every day. What I have enjoyed learning the most, is how different British advertising’s sayings are from the other English ones I’ve encountered on previous jobs, in France and Switzerland.

Working on UK advertising has influenced my thinking in the best way. I’ve understood how important the brand personality and tone of voice are for each client, because this is what makes a brand unique. I’ve also been taught how to write to the different audiences and how to simplify my messaging.

Stepping into the British advertising field is really rewarding from a personal point of view as well as professional. The team at Katswhiskers is very helpful and everyone takes the time to help me improve.

Is it cheesy to say that I am learning more about copywriting every day and that I love it? It’s true though.