The Photography Show visit - Katswhiskers Creative Agency
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The Photography Show visit

The photographic world’s shakers came together this weekend to experience the best of the industry’s new technology and share their passion.

With tens of thousands of enthusiasts in one place, The Photography Show 2018 was full of insight and knowledge.

Here’s our opinion of this year’s event…

Zeiss’ beautiful lenses

Zeiss has always been a favourite of mine when it comes to lenses, and like moth to a flame I found myself sampling a few of their new lenses. The staff were knowledgeable and enthusiastic, which made purchasing the Zeiss Otus 1.4/28 ever so tempting…

Eizo’s palpable colour calibration

Eizo has been our preferred monitor provider for many years. It was a real pleasure to have an in-depth tour on their new line of colour-calibrated monitors. Having accurate representation of colour when creating artwork is integral, and seeing someone as passionate about it was very refreshing. We even got our nerd on with their new 31-inch “Colour Edge” monitor, offering unparalleled colour representation!

Taking stock of options 

It was superb to see print paper suppliers demonstrating the quality of prints using various stock weight, finish and colour options. In a world where digital is becoming dominant, it’s really nice to see there’s still the art of a premium quality print.

D850 superstar

It took centre stage on the Nikon platform… and rightly so! The camera is a worthy successor to the D800 and its new features justify the price tag entirely, a 45.7 mp frame, a 64-25,600 ISO range and (at last) a silent shutter to name a few…bravo Nikon.

Droning on

An unmistakable presence at the event was the feature of drones. Numerous stands from numerous companies demoed their capabilities and what they have to offer to the world, not just limited to photography. The technology allows people to venture places otherwise impossible, offering new perspectives across all kinds of landscapes… if you have the budget! The opportunities created for so many sectors by developing this technology is huge. Sectors like medical, retail (Amazon have already invested money into the home delivery service) construction and of course advertising will no doubt see this have an impact on their operations. Safe to say the demand for drones is on the rise (sorry).

All in all, the event was really amazing. It gave us an opportunity to familiarise ourselves with some of the tech in the creativity, artistic production and of course photography. We indulged our inner photo nerds, whilst finding inspiration to ensure our creative offering is fresh and innovative. We walked away with new paper samples, new printing options and new ideas that will influence how we do things. Keeping on top of new technology is integral in our field, and it’s shows like this that give the perfect opportunity to find new ways of refining, and perfecting what we do.