Brand repositioning campaign

Be Cointreauversial

Client: Cointreau

Event Branding

Cointreau is one of the worlds renowned brands, established for over 150 years. However, the brand was in decline, both in terms of sales and credibility. Cointreau needed to reposition itself with a younger audience without alienating its older loyal customers.


We developed the ‘Be Cointreauversial’ UK campaign. We created and implemented a brand campaign in key cities using outdoor media and glossy press. We also took Cointreau to over 20 different outdoor summer events where we sampled a range of cocktails. In conjunction with Getty we ran an exhibition called ’Be Cointreauversial’ which celebrated the spirit and individuality of women around the world from the suffragettes’ fight, Marilyn Monroe’s glamour to Ava Gardener’s humour.

Cointreau Master campaign elements
Cointreau campaign creative
Cointreau campaign master ads
Cointreau campaign visual
Cointreau underground tube advert
Cointreau advertising on tube
Cointreau advertising point of sale
Cointreau advertising window vinyl design
Cointreau retail point of sale
Cointreau point of sale creative
Cointreau retail point of sale
Cointreau tasting event


Cointreau’s sales increased for the year, which meant they achieved their UK target, this looked unlikely prior to the campaign. Brand studies showed that perception had started to shift in the minds of the younger audience. The campaign strapline is still being used today, and Dita Von Tease is the main face of Cointreau.