Creating a brand with purpose

Sustainability Matters

Client: Greengage Environment

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Guidelines

Greengage is an independent specialist environmental and sustainability consultancy. Their discipline is based on a deep understanding of the built, natural, and social environment. There is a genuine desire to make a difference.

In order to further establish them as industry thought leaders they were looking to further define their brand.


We worked with Greengage to define their vision, mission, purpose and values. This thinking was then brought to life using an environmental collage style. The different elements symbolise all the pieces that make up Greengage – the values, the ecological solutions and the people. The people who’ll bring with them new perspectives and an appetite for change.

The concept is crisp, fresh and friendly. Creating a consistent, coherent, and distinctive brand identity to set them apart from their peers.

collage with hand holding person, trees and diver above
Hand sprinkling greenery to buildings
Hand dropping details of environmental vision
Greengage shape with Greengage word and the line sustainability matters
Leaf with 6 sets of brand values listed
descriptors of tone of voice
different fonts in green and pink shapes
4 different colour ways in shapes
5 different colourways in shapes
Environmental graphic elements
hand sprinkling greenery into skyscrapers
5 front covers with hand holding buildings and greenery
Soft landings information piece
environmental imagery with city scapes
headers for Linked In and Twitter