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Client: Post Office

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Post Office is a British institution. Providing a nationwide network of around 16,000 Post Office branches with reach of 94% of the country. Our job was to work with Trade Marketing to educate and encourage branch managers and sub-postmasters to become more commercially aware, ultimately their job and the survival of Post Office relied on them becoming sales people.


We developed Trade Marketing material for each new product launch within the Post Office. Direct Mail was our only available communications route. Though we needed to keep within strict brand guidelines our client was adamant that stand out in this cluttered environment was always key as well as communicating the core sales message. We made sure each mailer at something different and interactive within it, and that the sales message was core to the idea.

Post Office campaign overview
Post Office campaign direct mailer
Post Office campaign direct mailer
Post Office campaign artwork


There is now a great deal of emphasis on sales within all of Post Offices. This is not a one off task; it’s a constant one. Post Office HO continues to talk to the brand managers and sub-postmasters about new products and services as they launch. The biggest achievement was that it’s now built into their main marketing plans and if you ever visit a Post Office, its likely you’ll try to be upsold!