Summer advertising and experience

Enchanted Garden

Client: SouthGate|Bath

Web / Social
Doordrops / Media Inserts

To launch SouthGate Bath’s summer experience: a thousand floral umbrellas suspended above shoppers along with a floral-theme walkway and cocktail bar. Our job was to tease the arrival and drive awareness of what was on offer along with all the shops of course.


Customers were invited to ‘Unlock Summer in our Enchanted Garden’ covering both the retail side of summer as well as the experience itself. Products were featured as flowers in a pop-art inspired visual treatment.

SouthGate Unlock Summer campaign elements
SouthGate Summer Enchanted Garden car parking 96 sheet
SouthGate Summer Enchanted Garden lift doors
SouthGate Summer Enchanted Garden print
SouthGate Summer Enchanted Garden 48 sheets
SouthGate Summer Enchanted Garden bus back
Southgate Summer social examples
SouthGate Summer Enchanted Garden bus side


  • Outdoor included bus and rail activity which generated a combined 4.5 million impacts across the catchment 
  • Digital display generated 2.3 million impressions, 2,900 clicks and a CTR of 0.13%, over 4 times higher than the industry average.
  • Facebook engagement rate of 30.99%, this campaign is over 38 times higher than the industry average.
    Overall we
    saw the strongest results from the video ads.
  • Website saw a period increase in traffic with page views up 26% and unique page views up 28%, nearly 3 times the industry average
  • 22% footfall increase YOY
  • Most photographed and viewed installation in the history of Bath Tourism
  • Instagram followers increased by 420% and 600 entries to the competition