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Client: SouthGate

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SouthGate have recently redeveloped Little SouthGate into a new restaurant quarter. Together they will form a new dining destination for residents and visitors to Bath, bringing more choice to further strengthen the existing restaurant offer. Our job was to launch the arrival of these restaurants were at SouthGate.


We created a concept that invited customers to enter a word of flavor through gates made from forks. The ‘gates’ were reinforcing both the food offering and SouthGate was the destination. We used specific names of dishes to showcase unusual choices that people would not have heard of before, inviting them come and experience something different and delicious. The campaign ran across a mix of media within the catchment.

SouthGate Food all elements
SouthGate Food campaign Creative Design Batata Harra 1
SouthGate Food campaign Creative Design Peanut Butter
SouthGate Creative Designs Advertising master ads
SouthGate Creative Design Gates ad
SouthGate Food billboard ad
SouthGate Food Lift cover ad
SouthGate Food bus stop ad
SouthGate Food digital elements


All of the new restaurants have had successful launches and all are out performing their regional targets that have been set.