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Whiteley had 10 years of negative history to overcome, the original outlet centre, Whiteley Village, had failed to compete and was demolished and rebuilt. The new Whiteley had been developed with both shoppers and local businesses in mind. We needed to re-launch Whiteley as a new experience and gain cut through in a crowded media space.


A 3-phased approach building from intrigue into mass awareness. In the lead up to opening we teased with social media and outdoor to build intrigue on what was to come. Launch was a 4-day celebration with moments of magic. We then built mass awareness with a heavy weight media buy in the primary and secondary catchments.

An engaging ‘creative’ using ‘ly’ word play was delivered through a strong typography and illustration, making it unique and exclusive to Whiteley. The play on words allowed us to flex to promote all categories or retail calendar promotions. The colourful illustrative style gave us cut through and was integrated across all media. The strapline ‘Reassuringly Whiteley’ was used as a pay off to restore confidence in and assure the shopper that Whiteley is all-new.

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Whiteley Centre Launch
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Our launch target for opening weekend was exceeded by over 100%. What’s more, we welcomed over 1 million shoppers within the first 8-weeks. Redemptions for the voucher booklet averaged 34%, demonstrating that shoppers were converting to sales.

The exit survey conducted 6-weeks after the opening showed the highest spend of the 3 Acorn groups targeted. Catchment penetration surpassed CACI’s predicted model. We exceeded our social media likes and followers by 33% and our database exceeded target by 60%.

The campaign won a Purple Apple Award for Effective Advertising. Reassuringly Whiteley continues to run across all consumer touch points and the creative was adapted cost effectively for Christmas.