Cinema and leisure launch

Delightfully Whiteley

Client: Whiteley

Web / Social

We were asked by Whiteley to launch their leisure extension. The £18 million pound development added 6 new restaurants, leisure space and a 9-screen Cineworld cinema.  These new brands combined with other recent openings created a true retail and leisure destination. The launch coincided with Christmas, so the challenge was to combine the launch the leisure with Christmas.


We continued the ‘ly’ idea that has served Whiteley so well since it’s launch, also providing immediate recognition in the catchment. This was extended with the introduction of a ‘Master of Ceremony’ who had a multifaceted role of announcing this new phase of growth and behaving as a host to welcome customers at the centre for Christmas. Tom Baker became our Master’s voice across Radio and TV bringing the role to life beautifully. We used assets from the original launch TV and ‘topped and tailed’ it with new graphics to make budget work cleverly and efficiently.

Whiteley Cineworld launch elements
Whiteley Cineworld launch TVC storyboard
Tom Baker became our Master’s voice across Radio and TV
Whiteley Cineworld launch Tom Baker voice actor
Whiteley Cineworld launch press ad
Whiteley Cineworld launch website and mobile
Whiteley Cinema launch Bus side
Whiteley Cineworld launch social carousel
Whiteley Cineworld launch social assets
Whiteley Cineworld launch hoarding artwork
Whiteley Cineworld launch hoarding photography
Whiteley Cineworld launch event photographers
Whiteley Cineworld launch event photographers


  • Overall the campaign has delivered over 17 million impacts
  • Digital delivered over 3 million impressions and a CTR of 0.83%.
  • Facebook achieved a 15% engagement rate
  • Week 1 saw footfall numbers rise by 26%, with Sunday footfall increased by 115% year on year.
  • Cineworld saw 4,000 admissions Friday – Sunday, achieving their target
  • Sales rose by 12%, with food and beverage rising by 8%
  • Overall sales for the period increased in November by 9.9% and December by 9.1%