Whiteley Cineworld launch - Katswhiskers Creative Agency
Launch campaign for Whiteley Cineworld Fareham Hampshire in November 2015
Whiteley Cineworld Launch Campaign
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Whiteley television commercial screenshot

Whiteley Cineworld launch

Since the Whiteley launch in May 2013, Whiteley has continued to surpass expectations. Whiteley’s second phase, an £18 million leisure extension, opened its doors on 19th November 2015.

The 9-screen Cineworld cinema and the 6 additional restaurants enhances the shopper experience and establishes Whiteley as a great place to visit at night as well as day. We worked with Whiteley to plan their marketing campaign and launch this new phase which co-incided with their Christmas activity. This is the TVC in which we topped and tailed their old TV, another great example of evolving an existing asset on a tight budget. Enjoy.

We’re pleased to say the results have been fantastic, their best Christmas so far….